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Jihan Abu Amneh


A very, very, very wonderful application. I advise everyone to download it!

Muhammad Hussien


Amazing application.. it help me putting my child to sleep at 19:30.

Jihan Abu Amneh


Masterpiece app!

About Tawazon

Tawazon is an innovative startup from the heart of the Middle East, we are on a mission to elevate emotional and psychological awareness for everyone to achieve personal and social growth.

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Short, daily, science-backed Mindfulness sessions proven to bring you immediate results.


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Tawazon Podcasts

Have you ever wondered why you act as you do? Or have you wondered how thoughts and feelings arise and how they affect your behavior? These are the things you will learn when you listen to the Tawazon podcasts.

Tawazon Music

Composed by our neuroscientist who is preparing his doctoral thesis on the relationship between music and the human brain. Tawazon music is clinically proven and has been tested on 30 people to bring clarity of thoughts and emotions

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